I Don't Sell Clothes for a Living

I get it all the time. "Wow. It must be so fun to sell clothes for a living!"

Let me just tell y'all. I didn't step out in faith on this journey just to "sell clothes for a living". Not even close!

So, what do I do for a living?

  • I am an accountant (albeit not the best one ever- ha!)
  • I am a buyer
  • I am a stylist
  • I am a merchandiser
  • I am a web designer
  • I am a graphic designer
  • I am a social media manager
  • I am a CEO
  • I am a cleaning lady
  • I am a shopkeeper
  • I am an employer
  • I am a photographer 
  • I am a sales associate
  • I am a marketer
  • I am an HR rep
  • I do payroll 
  • I am a Financial Analyst
  • I am a Customer Service Rep
  • ....and the list goes on

But above all else, I am a listening ear. I am a shoulder to cry on when life gets rough, and someone that will cry with you. I am the girl who will congratulate you on your wins, and lift you up when you are down. I am someone who will help you, and someone that you can count on to buy cookies from your kids' bake sale. I am someone that will sponsor your son's T-ball team and daughter's soccer team. I am someone that will attend your county fair and bid on your kids' art work. I am the girl you go to for advice on what to wear for family portraits, or on your first date since a messy break-up or the loss of your husband. I am who you come to when you're looking for the perfect dress to wear for your daughter's graduation or your son's wedding, and because of that I will get to be a part of some of your most treasured memories for years to come. I am who you see when you're looking for the perfect wedding gift or baby shower gift. I am the girl that your husband comes to with the kids to help pick out the perfect Christmas gifts or Mother's Day gifts or Valentine's gifts for you. I am who you can whine to about gaining those extra five pounds and I'll let you know that I am right there with you- but will still help you find that special piece that makes you feel as beautiful outside as I know you are inside. I will be there to support your PTO or school dance. I am the one you can go to when you're in a pinch for that last minute... whatever! The one you call when the store is closed but you're in desperate need for that top for your cruise....knowing we will meet you there.

And like you, I am a wife. A mother. A christian. A worker. I struggle, too. Just like you. Girl, I GET YOU! And THIS is who I am, and THIS is what I do.

So...no. I don't just "sell clothes for a living". But yes, it IS so fun.



-Chancie Rogers, your local go-to girl



  • Denise Garnett

    Such a sweet Girl!! You are amazing, you have always been so sweet to me, what a honor it is to know you!! 😃😅

  • Samantha Deaton

    Thank you so much for sharing this…
    So inspiring and right pn the money😁💖💖💖💖💖

  • Ashley Soliz

    Omg this was perfect! Not gunna lie I shed a tear 🥰 you are amazing and I hope you know that!

  • Christie Kaddatz

    And you are really good at all you’ve mentioned with such a sweet sweet personality. Thanks!

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